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Brief News

We are honored that music from Metropolitan Klezmer (our version of Yiddish instrumental tune Der Gasn Nigun from our debut disc Yiddish For Travelers) is the first cue on the soundtrack of Ralph Arlyck’s documentary feature I Like It Here premiered at the New York Jewish Film Festival in Jan. 2023.

Bandleader/film scholar Eve Sicular was awarded a Wallis Annenberg Helix Fellowship Alumni Grant for New Yiddish Culture, to create a new version of Farlangen from Henekh Kon's 1937 Dybbuk soundtrack.

Find Out More About Music from Yiddish Cinema

Ulmer's Yiddish Films

Eve Sicular's full exploration of director Edgar Ulmer's "Canon of Cinema Contagion: Gothic Yiddish Plague Meets TB Screen Crusade" now up at

A new klezmer tradition takes root in Brooklyn’s Prospect Parkarticle in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency with a few words from US Klezmer scene veteran, Eve Sicular.

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wedding client comments

Wanted to drop you and Missy, Ismail and Pam -- and all the players -- for your dedicated contributions to the joy and beauty of Jordan and Shimrit's wedding day. Somehow you all got set up at each juncture without my even knowing. The music was well-paced and expertly executed.
– Marni

Dear Eve & Metropolitan Klezmer, Thank you so much for hours & hours of amazing music on Sunday.
It was perfect, we were thrilled-- as were our guests. And thank you for letting Paris & Arjun sit in. I wish we could dance to your music every weekend!
– Max & Tanya

Eve, thanks, YOU GUYS WERE GREAT! “There are alleged pictures of me chair dancing and Gagnam Style. Please disregard. However, as a certainty, kids dance to Klezmer music.” [Craig & Eileen danced to their Leonard Cohen faves too…]
– Craig (craigslist founder) & Eileen Newmark

My husband's kids booked Metropolitan Klezmer for our ceremony music, hora and mezinka. Their music was gorgeous and added such soul, emotion and dimension to our ceremony. I well up just thinking about it. It was a truly wonderful gift. Eve Sicular, the band leader was a pleasure to work with and the other three musicians were equally talented. My husband's family loves a good hora and they played an epic version. We honored my parents with the mezinka (The Mezinka (Mezinke) tradition during a Jewish wedding reception is honoring the parents who have just married off their last child.) and it was one of the highlights of our wedding. My folks loved it. Thank you to Metropolitan Klezmer for adding such an important element to our wedding. We highly recommend them.
– Suzanne
See Suzanne's review in

Thank you for doing a great job. We were delighted, our guests were delighted. We appreciated all the music, Melissa sang beautifully at our ceremony, and we especially appreciated being able to hear ourselves easily during the reception while you were playing. We had a wonderful time.
– Kevin Farrelly & Stephen Klein
NYT Weddings / Celebrations

Metropolitan Klezmer's Debra Kreisberg at wedding reception

Michael Bloom

Thank you again for all the wonderful music you provided for our wedding. We and so many of our guests were truly delighted by everything you played! Your unique blend of old and new musical styles — and the energy, humor and fun that came through in your playing — were just perfect for us. We all had so much fun, and our guests had many great things to say about you….
There were many very special parts to our wedding, but the music was really the foundation for all of it . It really couldn't have been the same without you there. We're so glad to have found a band that was really a “match” for our tastes, attitude, and styles! Again, thanks for your wonderful gift of music — may it continue long and do you well, and we hope to hear you again, and often!
– Richard & Vardit, Cambridge MA

Thank you and the rest of the band for doing such a fantastic job with the music for our wedding! Throughout the evening and afterwards people were coming to us to say what an amazing band we had and what lively music you were playing. People also very much enjoyed the background music during cocktails. And, personally I thoroughly enjoyed the “West Coast Swing” music you played at the end of the evening. Thanks for going well beyond expectations to meet our needs. You sounded great and really added to the joyful atmosphere at the wedding!
– Marci & Alan, Princeton NJ

Thank you so much for such a special day – everything was amazing and your ruach and sense of timing worked perfectly for us. It was all just great. It was nice to have some great dancing and shtick, it was nice when our friends took it a capella, it was wonderful to be able to finally sit down….
Thank you for being so wonderful and easy to work with in preparation, thank you for adding so much to the day, and thank you for being flexible all around and working with the millions of other things and people that went into making the day so special. Please feel free to use us as references if other couples ask!
– Kerrith and Derek

Everyone tells me they loved the band at the wedding. I'm so happy that you were able to play and it all went incredibly smoothly. I only wish we could have danced more! The party was a blur and went by in a flash for me.
Thanks again for being such a pleasure to work with and fantastic for the wedding spirit!
– Carol Clements

Metropolitan Klezmer performing at wedding reception

Michael Bloom

We just got back from our honeymoon travels, and now that we're settling back into things here, we wanted to thank you again for the fabulous music at our wedding. Everything was perfect, from the ceremony to the cocktails to the reception—your music created such a beautiful, memorable experience for us. We're very grateful; please forward our thanks to all of the musicians! Hope that we'll catch Metropolitan Klezmer again around the city.
– Jen & Ken

Now that Jill and I are back from post-wedding travel, I just wanted to thank you and the band for your tremendous work on Sunday at our wedding. We loved the music and you all added a lot of simcha and joy to the celebrations. Thanks also for being open to learning new tunes! We heard lots of compliments from guests about the music.
Best of luck for the future ~
– Guy Austrian [& Rabbi Jill Jacobs], NYC

We're still getting gushing compliments for the band whenever people talk about our wedding, and you guys helped so much to make it a very special day. Please feel free to give out our contact info… Having musicians in my family, I'm always happy to help y'all continue to do what you do and enrich the lives of all your listeners (especially now, when our government won't help). Congrats on the new CDs! And best wishes for a fun and gig-filled summer.
– Susan Roth, Washington DC

I have had a “thank you Eve” email hibernating in my head for the whole winter (thank you for the wonderful show)… In any event, yes, of course, I/we would love to act as a reference in any capacity… you're great, professional, and were the easiest and most fun to do business with of any of the people I contacted for our wedding (bands or otherwise).
– Ben Freeman, Brooklyn NY

Thanks again to you and all the band members for such a great performance at our wedding in May. We had such a fantastic time and your music really helped to make the event even more special and wonderful. Without exception, anyone who has talked to us about our wedding (and attended), mentions the music and how lovely the singing and instrumentation were. They also say that they appreciate that it was not loud and excessive. We (and Paul) also were really thrilled that you were able to play so much of the music on Paul's list.
So again, many thanks, and all good wishes!
– Pamela A. Geller, PhD

Your band made our wedding day so special and unforgettable. Larisa and I are so in love that the day would have been memorable with no music, but you far exceeded all of our expectations by painting vivid colors of love and warmth with your instruments and song selection and your singer's beautiful voice.
Your proportional mix of hora music and standards was perfect. You played music at all the right times and made our special requests feel truly special. So many guests gushed about your music, but my father was the biggest fan. He was amazed that the music was not too loud! And he loved your song selections. He's a very tough critic. We're simply amazed that you pleased even him!!!
…We would highly recommend your band to anyone without qualification … for any type of gathering or event.
Thank you so much again for your warmth, your personal touch, your professionalism, your promptness, and your gift of music.
– Rob Wunder and Larisa Shlahet, NYC

Today is our one-year anniversary — so we figured it was time to finally write you the thank you note we've put off all year.
What we have wanted to tell you, ever since the wedding, is how grateful we are for the terrific job you did. The music, on the beach and at the house, really helped to create just the kind of spirit we had hoped for. The wedding was a very joyous one for us, and for all of our guests, and we are convinced that the music was a major part of that good feeling.
But we were also particularly grateful that we didn't have to worry about anything. We were so glad, and relieved, to be able to leave everything in your hands.
So please accept our belated thanks for helping to make our wedding the joyful event (and smooth-running operation) it was. If you would like to use us as a reference for other weddings, please don't hesitate: we'd be glad to sing your praises.
– Sam Stoloff & Ilena Silverman, NYC

Thank all of you for the wonderful music at our wedding. People are still talking about it! The spirit of the music made the occasion even more festive and joyous, and Mike and I couldn't help but get caught up in it and thoroughly enjoy ourselves. In a word (or two), you guys are great!
– Terri Fried and Michael Green, Woodbridge CT

We cannot tell you how vital a role your music played at our wedding. Not only was it very well received, but it was arranged well, melodic, energetic and conveyed all of the history and mood that we had hoped for.
– Ronit and Ethan Silverman, NYC

I want to thank you for playing at our wedding. You guys were so awesome! It really made the party. Please feel free to use us as a reference….
– Samantha J. Sanders, Chicago IL

Congratulations on the official release! Greg and I are settling back into regular, non-wedding-focussed life. I just want to reiterate that you guys were great, and we continue to hear very positive remarks about “that wonderful band” from our guests. Please continue to send us updates… we'd love to come see you play under less duress and with less distraction.
– Melanie Rock, Nyack NY

We want to thank you for your great performance at our July 20, 2003 wedding. Several family members asked us how we found you and commented on how much they liked the music… Amazingly, Modern Bride New York (regional magazine for Modern Bride), decided to publish an article about our wedding… on page 262 of the spring 2004 edition… We mention there that you provided the music.
– Elizabeth & Rich

Just a note to say THANK YOU FOR THE TRULY AWESOME MUSIC. The Love Fest wouldn't have been the same without you.
– Dawn & Marla

thanks. the band was absolutely terrific — and not too loud. it was perfect. i think you played all our top requests and played a nice mix for the non-klezmer music. the rest of the wedding was great, too – we had a blast.
– Rachel and Caleb

Thank you for providing such moving, beautiful music at our wedding! Compliments for Metropolitan Klezmer poured in by the droves from satisfied guests.Many, many thanks again.
– Laurie Israel
[North Haven, NY & NYC: wedding featured in New York Times, 7/13/03]

Excuse me for gushing but the Metro Klezmer music was extraordinary. Our guests have not stopped calling to rave about you and your group.
Thank you so much for helping to make our daughter's 5/25/03 wedding the amazing affair that it was.
– Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Geller, Patchogue NY

Thank you for the wonderful music you played at our wedding in August. Thank you also for traveling such a long distance and for staying late so people could enjoy your beautiful playing a little longer. Friends and relatives still talk about how much they enjoyed the music. We can't thank you enough!
– Andrea & Michael Weiner, NYC

Now that we've had a chance to catch our breath, we just wanted to let you know how much we and our guests enjoyed Metropolitan Klezmer, the music and the wonderful spirit with which you played together. The band made an enormous contribution to helping us have the wedding day we wanted, one filled with high and joyous energy.
– Regina Weiss and Todd Friedman, Brooklyn NY

Rob & I want to thank you for helping to make our wedding celebration so wonderful! It was really a pleasure working with you, and I would recommend the band unconditionally!
– Ellen Jawitz, New Haven CT

We want to thank you for the awesome, awesome music you performed at our wedding! It was exactly what we wanted – terrific klezmer that went on & on, and it absolutely created the mood we wanted for the entire wedding – lively & hamisch. We had many guests who had never heard klezmer before, and they – plus those who are well-familiar with it – made lots of comments about how terrific it was.
– Felicia Herman & David Ben-Ur, Cambridge MA

Thank you again for playing for us on our wedding day. We had a wonderful time. I wish I ran an audio tape; I remember so little! But when will I ever again hear a Country Western musician sing an R&B tune with a klezmer band? Fondly,
– Julia Ann Mucci, Astoria NY

[a third-party letter of reference from Heidi M. Smith responding to Nino Rodriguez, both of whom have now been our wedding clients:]
Metropolitan Klezmer was great! I recommend them wholeheartedly.We wanted them to be low-key about MCing, and they were, but they were effective too… like they got people to join us on the dance floor when my husband and I had run out of dance steps during our ‘first dance.' They were very good at reading and also setting/contributing to the mood of the evening, something I noticed while it was going on, it was like they provided the perfect soundtrack to our wedding, not just the music. I think people who were into dancing had plenty to dance to. They kicked butt during the whole hora dancing/chair lifting thing-it was like a mosh pit, totally insane, which was what we wanted (but for that you need the right friends and relatives too). I was very impressed with the fact that we asked them to play quietly enough that people at the tables could converse, and they did, not so quietly that you couldn't always hear them, but just perfect so that the older aunts and uncles didn't get uncomfortable, which was also important for us. And also Eve found this great wedding march for us. We organized everything without any wedding planner or anything, and Eve and company were completely the best of our vendors, really a joy to work with. Everybody loved you! They said your music was one of the best things about the wedding.
– Heidi M. Smith, San Francisco

[another third-party letter of reference, this one from Mike Zalis to Nino Rodriguez, both of whom have now been our wedding clients:]
Responding about Metropolitan Klezmer is easy: they were fantastic.
I could stop there, and it would be a complete description, but having recently been through the wedding planning process, I suspect a few extra details will help you with your decision. I should say from the outset that my only dealings with the group were in hiring them for my wedding, and I have no personal or financial ties to them.
Like yourself, I had heard of M.K. without having a chance to see them, and was cautious about hiring them for my wedding. I can say that in all my interactions with the band, and with Eve Sicular in particular, the group displayed an excellent sense of professionalism (spanning the range from prompt responding to calls/questions to having dependable and flexible contract arrangements) and musicianship (they were wonderful).
Their core repertoire works well with the wedding setting in that their music is very lively and beautifully performed. It's a matter of taste, but I often found that the standard rock band set up generates a sound that's too heavy in electric bass and drums for a wedding party. Mind you, I love rock and play electric guitar myself, but for us, it didn't feel right for our wedding. M.K.'s music kept our guests up, on their feet dancing (and I mean really, really dancing), and also varied to more relaxed tunes during the meal and other parts of the reception. Because their sound is somewhat lighter than the typical rock set up, they avoided the unbalanced, heavy sound I just mentioned. I could continue, but the simple answer is that they were great, and I recommend them whole heartedly. Many of our guests – most of whom don't listen to klezmer regularly – raved about them afterwards.
To answer your question about reading the mood, the band helped to set a festive mood early on, and later, were able to aptly include some slower tunes to balance out the reception. Eve also had good suggestions about how to arrange the instruments, and which songs to play. The band was able to accommodate some off-the-beaten-path requests, which were performed with a deft touch. Eve's got good judgement and experience, and I'd trust what suggestions she has to offer. The band had relatively little to do with making announcements at our wedding (we had an emcee for that), but I trust they could do the job well and with taste.
– Mike Zalis, Boston MA

Your band was amazing! Everyone loved doing Yaish, and the music for the ceremony was absolutely right. Lots of our guests said the music was really great. Thanks again for all your help, guidance and most of all… patience! Hoping to see the band soon. Cheers,
– Nino Rodriguez and Adrienne Gearheart, Brooklyn NY

Thanks for your great work — and for staying up late. You'll always get our highest recommendation.
– Gersh Kuntzman & Julie Rosenberg, Brooklyn NY

Your music was delightful, the calling of the dances was energizing – one of the most terrific parts of a wonderful memorable wedding day. Many thanks and much love to you!
– Linda Stone Davidoff, NYC

Thanks so much — Your music set the perfect tone at Jessica and Tobias' wedding at the Brooklyn Museum. You added the musical dimension that complimented the sensitivity of the ceremony!
– Sylvia Safier, Brooklyln NY

Metropolitan Klezmer played my wedding on August 24 [2003], I just wanted to let you know how awesome they were! They were so great – what a wonderful band. It was a beautiful wedding, everything went well, and the music was a big part of that. It was also nice how they tailored it to what people were doing. If you ever want a personal reference for the band, I'm always happy to do that. I just wanted you to know how classy the music was, it was just really great, and I would heartily recommend Metropolitan Klezmer to anyone who wants a good wedding band, or a band in general. Thanks so much.
– Elana Blumenthal, NYC

You made an already joyous occasion even better! The whole band was just fabulous & exactly what we were hoping for.
– Rebecca Busansky & Jonah Zuckerman, Brooklyn NY

Thank you for all of your help in making our wedding more beautiful. The band was excellent & all of our guests continue to speak about how great they were…
– Alana & Eli NYC

Dear Eve and all the fantastic musicians of METROPOLITAN KLEZMER,
Thank you so much for bringing the Yiddishkeit in the form of music to our wedding!! The klezmer, Eucalyptus Song, tangos and all the music you played was wonderful and really lifted the spirit of our special day. We appreciate all your time and effort, Eve, to help make our wedding such a success and look forward to hearing you all play again soon.
– Tali and James, Brooklyn NY

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