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— 2024 —

Brief News

We are honored that music from Metropolitan Klezmer (our version of Yiddish instrumental tune Der Gasn Nigun from our debut disc Yiddish For Travelers) is the first cue on the soundtrack of Ralph Arlyck’s documentary feature I Like It Here premiered at the New York Jewish Film Festival in Jan. 2023.

Bandleader/film scholar Eve Sicular was awarded a Wallis Annenberg Helix Fellowship Alumni Grant for New Yiddish Culture, to create a new version of Farlangen from Henekh Kon's 1937 Dybbuk soundtrack.

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Ulmer's Yiddish Films

Eve Sicular's full exploration of director Edgar Ulmer's "Canon of Cinema Contagion: Gothic Yiddish Plague Meets TB Screen Crusade" now up at

A new klezmer tradition takes root in Brooklyn’s Prospect Parkarticle in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency with a few words from US Klezmer scene veteran, Eve Sicular.

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Metropolitan Klezmer -- Mazel Means Good Luck Metropolitan Klezmer's fifth album Mazel Means Good Luck was released in December 2014 to coincide with the band's 20th anniversary. New York Music Daily rates the album as one of the top 50 albums of 2014: An especially wild live album by this deliciously shapeshifting, latin and reggae-influenced New York Jewish music juggernaut.

Mazel Means Good Luck was recorded live at The Emelin Theatre and includes live bonus tracks: a rare Yiddish ballad of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, performed in centenary commemoration at Cooper Union Great Hall; and an excerpt from Eve Sicular’s musical documentary theater piece J. Edgar Klezmer: Songs from My Grandmother’s FBI Files.

"exhilarating live album" New York Music Daily
"uniquely invigorating" Los Angeles Beat

Mazel Means Good Luck is available at Bandcamp where Metropolitan Klezmer's four albums can be found:


  • Debra Kreisberg clarinet & alto saxophone
  • Pam Fleming  trumpet & flugelhorn
  • Melissa Fogarty  vocals
  • Ismail Butera accordion
  • Dave Hofstra double bass & tuba
  • Eve Sicular  drummer | bandleader
  • Karen Waltuch  viola
  • Reut Regev  trombone
  • Shoko Nagai, piano on When Israel Met Jenny, accordion on Di Fire Korbunes
  • Michael Hess, violin on Di Fire Korbunes
  • Yelena Shmulenson, narration on When Israel Met Jenny
  • Producer: Eve Sicular
  • Recording & Mastering: David Merrill
  • Mixing: David Merrill & Eve Sicular
  • Di Fire Korbunes recording by Don Jacobs
  • Released November 25, 2014. All rights reserved: Rhythm Media Records

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To purchase any CDs directly from the band, you may also mail a check to Metropolitan Klezmer for $15 (for each title) + $5 shipping in contiguous USA to: Metropolitan Klezmer, 151 First Avenue #145, NYC 10003


Other projects include:

Di Fire Korbunes — Yiddish ballads of the Triangle Fire

Music from Yiddish Cinema