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music in yiddish cinema

One of Metropolitan Klezmer’s specialties is the fascinating range of music found in vintage Yiddish film soundtracks, from tango to tragic lullaby to tenement wedding dance.  The band performs both little-known folkloric gems and tunes which show interchange between Yiddish and mainstream popular cultures. read more


Metropolitan Klezmer

This year will see the release of Metropolitan Klezmer’s fifth album, marking the band’s 20th anniversary. Mazel Means Good Luck was recorded live at The Emelin Theater and includes bonus tracks from Cooper Union Great Hall and J. Edgar Klezmer: Songs from My Grandmother’s FBI Files.

CDs are available for purchase at CD Baby, Bandcamp, Amazon, and iTunes as well as at actual stores. In NYC, you can find our albums at most shops, including the Tenement Museum Shop, Academy Records and CDs, and Downtown Music Gallery.