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    We launched our INDIEGOGO campaign on January 25 to support staging of J. Edgar Klezmer. Check out all the perks here.

    J Edgar Klezmer: Songs from my grandmother’s FBI files will be at Centenary Stage Company, Kutz Theater, February 12 through 15. Read the preview  in The Jewish Week

    Metropolitan Klezmer’s “Mazel Means Good Luck” is on NYMD’s best of 2014 albums list: “An especially wild live album by this deliciously shapeshifting, latin and reggae-influenced New York Jewish music juggernaut.”



    Metropolitan Klezmer
    Metropolitan Klezmer

    METROPOLITAN KLEZMER, established in 1994, brings eclectic exuberance to Yiddish musical genres from all over the map. Performing vibrant versions of lesser-known gems from wedding dance, trance, folk, swing and tango styles, as well as soundtrack material from vintage Yiddish films, they re-invent tradition with both irreverence and respect… an exhilarating journey!


    Isle of Klezbos has a new website! Yiddish Celluloid Closet J Edgar Klezmer Di Fire Korbunes