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THE JEWISH SOUL: Ten Classics of Yiddish Cinema is now available in a 5 blu-ray set. It includes Dybbuk, and American Matchmaker with audio commentary by Eve Sicular. Read this LA Times article for a an extended review of this new box set of restored Yiddish films.

Bandleader/film scholar Eve Sicular was awarded a Wallis Annenberg Helix Fellowship Alumni Grant for New Yiddish Culture, to create a new version of "Farlangen" from Henekh Kon's 1937 Dybbuk soundtrack.

Ulmer's Yiddish Films

Eve Sicular's full exploration of director Edgar Ulmer's "Canon of Cinema Contagion: Gothic Yiddish Plague Meets TB Screen Crusade" now up at

Yiddishkayt also co-hosted the Layka Lens series! Author/bandleader Eve joined the Thurs, Aug 27, 2020 panel discussion on Ulmer's dystopic shtetl movie "The Light Ahead" aka Fishke der Krumer | פישקע דער קרומער

Official Selection JxJ Washington Jewish Film Festival 2019 Read Eve's latest article in the Forward on Yiddish cinema titled "In a horror master's rare TB films, warnings for a future pandemic," and discover the related Yiddish films of Edgar Ulmer.

Find Out More About Music from Yiddish Cinema

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Traveling Show Surprising Finds Mosaic Persuasion Yiddish For Travelers

Surprising FindsSurprising Finds, Metropolitan Klezmer’s third CD is their most expressive disc yet, encompassing wonderfully diverse, dynamic studio and live tracks. Gorgeous, fun and virtuosically played, the eight-piece band’s tight and imaginative arrangements bring new life to pieces ranging from rollicking to sinuous to dreamlike. In addition to traditionals (embracing Greek, Turkish, Rumanian, Russian, and Arabic roots of klezmer styles), the disc includes jumping Yiddish swing and lilting tango and new, original music, plus a Balkan-style adaptation of “Pick a Pocket or Two” from Oliver!; time-capsule archival transformations including tunes from the Soviet Yiddish theater of Moscow, a 19th-century ballad of the London underworld, and excerpts of 1960s reel-to-reel home audio featuring sweet singing by the grandfather of vocalist Deborah Karpel. Other unexpected treasures include a clarinet doyna and yearning hora by klezmer legend/original Greater Metropolitan Klezmer Band member Howie Leess, and vocal sample cameos by Yiddish stage and screen giant Maurice Schwartz. With bonus cuts from shows including Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater and other NYC clubs, and lusciously detailed graphic design and liner notes with lyrics, translation and transliteration.

Order Surprising Finds from independent distributor goldenrod music or
Purchase Surprising Finds through iTunes.

read reviews of Surprising Finds

  • OUTMUSIC Award, Outstanding New Recording/Instrumental: 2004 (and there are lots of vocals on this CD too!)
  • Phat Planet [U.K.] World Music Top 30, 2003
  • WRUW World Music Top Ten, June-July 2003


  1. Uncle Moses’ Wedding Dance
  2. Terkisher Navratilova
  3. Ot Azoy Neyt a Shnayder
  4. Pick a Pocket or Two
  5. Shpil du Fidl, Shpil
  6. Harei At
  7. Soothsayer Taxim
  8. Tailor’s Sher
  9. Striver’s Sher
  10. Der Dish-washer11. Szol a Kakas Mar (live!)
  11. Dreaming Wizard
  12. Dray Shvester
  13. Kinder Yorn
  14. Howie’s Doyna / No. 2 Freylekh (live!)
  15. Abi Gezunt Medley (live!)
  16. Der Milner’s Trern
  17. Blue Doyna Reprise (live!)
  18. Shadkhn Tango / Rumanian Medley (live!)
  19. Moses’ Morning After