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yiddish celluloid closet

An exploration of lesbian and gay subtext in Yiddish cinema during its heyday, from the 1920’s to the outbreak of World War II, reveals distinctly Jewish concerns of the time intertwined with a striking array of allusions to this highly-charged subject.
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Metropolitan Klezmer

j. edgar klezmer

Adele SicularJ. EDGAR KLEZMER: Songs from My Grandmother’s FBI Files — musical documentary theater adventure, by grandchild and bandleader Eve Sicular. From klezmer to Kodaly to jazz, baroque to boogie woogie to gospel,New York Times clipping from Hazel Scott’s cancelled TV show to derelict theories of homosexuality, exploring surveillance files leads in even more directions than the Department of Justice could have foreseen.

J. Edgar Klezmer premiered to a sold-out house at Dixon Place in November 2008 and immediately became a Time Out NY Critics Pick. The show is based on the true story of the late Dr. Adele Sicular, grandmother of Metropolitan Klezmer and Isle of Klezbos drummer / bandleader Eve Sicular. Using documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act filing, plus myriad other archival findings and family gossip, this piece investigates the dealings of the FBI and Eve’s pianist / psychiatrist / activist grandma through live theater, multi-media projections, and live music.

CAST: Soprano Melissa Fogarty (vocals), researcher Eve Sicular (drums), Pam Fleming (trumpet/flugelhorn), Debra Kreisberg (clarinet/alto sax), Shoko Nagai (accordion/piano), Reut Regev (trombone), Moe Angelos (investigator/Dr. Silverberg, Puffin Forum show), Yelena Shmulenson (investigator/Dr. Silverberg, JCC Manhattan show).

The 2008 premiere of J. Edgar Klezmer at Dixon Place was made possible in part with public funds from the Manhattan Community Arts Fund, with further support has been received from Third Street Music School Settlement, and a Production Assistance Grant provided by New York Theatre Workshop. The Sparkplug Foundation also awarded a grant for the development, production and promotion of J. Edgar Klezmer: Songs from My Grandmother’s FBI Files. We are grateful for this support of our musical documentary project!

Video excerpts are now available for presenters requesting previews of J. Edgar Klezmer: Songs from My Grandmother’s FBI Files. Email Eve Sicular.